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    General Site Rules Empty General Site Rules

    Post by Sambhur on Sat Aug 29, 2015 7:27 pm

    1. Be respectful and courteous to others. If something is bothering you, let the person know. If there is a conflict, alert one of the staff.

    2. Respect the words of the staff, as they have the final say on any disputes between members or other site matters.

    3. If you wish to leave the site, please post and say that you are leaving, or notify a staff member. This is easier than us having to remove you later on for your inactivity.

    4. If you leave the site, your characters are counted as dead within the roleplay canon. You can do whatever you want with your characters outside of the roleplay, but in the roleplay they are counted as having died. An explanation for your character's death may possibly be incorporated into the roleplay, but be aware that this may not happen.

    5. If you are unsure of anything regarding the rules, roleplay, another member's behaviour, or anything else site-related, please feel free to ask a member of the staff about it.

    6. All posts not included in the Forum Games section are required to have at least three words in them.

    7. Very strong/vulgar language is not permitted. More minor stuff, however, is allowed.

    8. If you do not post a roleplay submission/post for a character within six weeks, that character is canonically considered dead. You will receive a warning before this happens. If this is your only character, you will also be removed as a member, and you will have to go through the joining process again (with a new character) if you wish to re-join. This is to prevent inactive characters from piling up and slowing/inhibiting the roleplay.

    9. If you are going to be absent for some time, please post on the appropriate thread to let us know:

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