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    How to Roleplay On This Site


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    How to Roleplay On This Site Empty How to Roleplay On This Site

    Post by Sambhur on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:23 pm

    There are two main types of roleplay posts you can make on this site, each with their own variations.

    Type 1 - Long Posts
    These are posts made on open threads on the site. Visible effort must be put into these posts, and they have a 250 word minimum.
    However, if you are in a more artistic mood, you may make a comic page instead of writing the 250 words.
    You are also allowed to include a drawing with these posts for fun, and by doing so, you may cut down the word minimum (for that post) to 200 words.
    These threads do not go for longer than a month (a season in RP time).

    Type 2 - Short Posts / Live RPs
    These are not posts made on a thread. Instead, they are short RP posts made privately (if not as a group RP event) between users either on Skype or through private messages (Skype is the easiest option). After the RP session, the posts are to be put all together, and posted as a new thread.
    A drawing may also be included, just for fun.


    Threads for either RP type must be posted in the appropriate RP area forum. If characters are moving between areas in a RP thread, the thread should be posted in the area the characters started in in the thread.

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