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    Roleplay Rules Empty Roleplay Rules

    Post by Sambhur on Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:08 pm

    1. You may not make a post that contradicts existing canon in any way.

    2. Be mindful about how much control you take over the story. Don't be in control of everything, or drift into the forbidden realms of god-modding and powerplaying.

    3. If you are planning on including another person's character as more than just a background character, please ask for their permission first. It is the respectful thing to do.

    4. Each real-time month is an in-game season - every four months, a year passes in the roleplay.

    5. If you are challenging another member to a Staff-Judged Duel, please post on the appropriate thread so that the staff may organise the details:

    6. Blood and violence is okay (as long as it is not extremely excessive/gorey in nature), while explicit sexual artwork or writing is not allowed under any circumstances. If it requires an 18+ rating, it does not belong on this site.

    7. Killing another character is allowed, but permission must first be granted by the other player. The only time that no permission is required is during a leadership duel.

    8. If your character is injured, please portray them as injured in roleplay for at least one season to allow for healing.

    9. If you do not post a roleplay submission/post for a character within six weeks, that character is canonically considered dead. You will receive a warning before this happens. If this is your only character, you will also be removed as a member, and will have to go through the joining process again (with a new character) if you wish to re-join. This is to prevent inactive characters from piling up and slowing/inhibiting the roleplay.

    10. If you are involved in a roleplay and your partner does not respond to it for over a week without notice, you are permitted to withdraw your character from the roleplay and discount it as canon.

    11. If a thread lasts for a month without reaching a conclusion, it must end, to prevent slowing down and confusing the roleplay.

    12. If a character is expecting pups, please notify the staff. Pups may be 'adopted' out to other players at no cost; this being the only exception to the character purchasing rule. The player of the mother will decide what the pups look like based on the parents, and will decide who gets which pup.

    13. In order for puppies to be produced, it must be implied within canon that the two adults mated. We do not accept any content that is graphic/explicit in nature. Only a hint or implication is needed. Afterwards, within two weeks a post must be made clarifying that the female is pregnant (examples of this include obvious weight gain, dialogue, etc), otherwise we have to assume that nothing came of the interaction.

    14. This roleplay is semi-realistic, please keep this in mind especially when your character is performing certain acts such as hunting or fighting, or surviving with an injury.

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