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    Post by Sheeba on Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:31 pm

    R O W E

    I never needed a reason for keeping secrets from myself

    N A M E: Rowe
    A L I A S: Anything goes
    G E N D E R: Male
    S E X U A L I T Y: Bisexual
    A G E: Three years
    S P E C I E S: Eurasian wolf
    P A C K The Organization
    R A N K: Subordinate


    P H Y S I C A L I T Y:
    From a first glance, Rowe bares the average body build of a male wolf his age; a lean, yet muscular torso suspended by lengthy limbs and ending in sturdy feet, covered from head to toe in a thick coat of diluted black fur. Hints of lighter undertones highlight his pelt, particularly in areas of the belly, paws, and mouth, accompanied by a pair of dull amber eyes. Upon a closer look, certain imperfections become more visible, particularly the faded scar that runs along the right side of his muzzle, and the damaged ear that now bends permanently at the tip, both injuries achieved from the territorial claws a tiger. Unfortunately, the causality delivered to his ear also caused a trauma to his inner ear, resulting in complete hearing loss on that side.

    P E R S O N A L I T Y:
    A natural trickster, Rowe is always either looking for trouble, or taking it upon himself to create it should he not find anything to properly satisfy him. He lives for chaos, and will characteristically display a remarkable sense of arrogance along with a fluent sarcastic tongue, and in turn may seem rather inconsiderate most of the time. He enjoys the act of torment, and will intentionally pick on those who are generally intolerant to tease and irritate simple for the fun it brings him. Rowe gains pleasure from other's annoyance, and feeds off of the negative reactions his antics bring. Yet beneath his projected insensitivity lies a kind heart, an individual that will lay his life on the line without a second's thought to protect those he deems family.


    H I S T O R Y:
    Born and raised in the northern parts of Russia, Rowe certainly bares the accent and fluent native language to show it. While his English is on par to perfect, the thick Russian accent easily gives away his roots the minute he opens his mouth, which often has a hard time stopping once it gets running. Rowe grew up alongside a large pack, over thirty individuals who each took it upon themselves to walk all over the male once he reached adolescence. Last to eat, last to sleep, Rowe was the poster image of submission, never bothering to put up a fight once forced to develop the shy, tentative personally he was once known for. Mistreated and neglected on the bottom of the pack chain pushed him to disperse before he turned two, where he could finally live at peace on his own terms for the very first time. His personality changed dramatically upon leaving his birth pack, and one could debate if it was for the better.

    Shortly after his dispersal lead to the events of his near fatality when Rowe unknowingly stole the remains of a tiger's kill, and the outcome had not turned deadly only for the fact that he had managed to flee out of sight before more injury could be delivered. A deep gash on his muzzle and a broken ear was all he had to show for it in the end, yet the internal damage that left him deaf in his right ear continues to be the most crippling effect of the attack. A lesson had been learned from his encounter with the savage feline, the acknowledgement that sheer, wonderful luck was the only thing that saved him from most certain death effectively kept him from ever venturing into their territory again. With fleeing away from their land, Rowe entered a new territory roughly one year after the incident, this one ruled by a far more familiar species.

    P L A Y E R   I N F O:
    Sheeba | 21 years old | Female | Canada

    i'll wreck this if i have to
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    "Integer elit."

    Word count:
    Sides notes:
    tell me what good would that do?

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