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    Character Rules Empty Character Rules

    Post by Sambhur on Sat Aug 29, 2015 8:26 pm

    1. All characters will undergo a review process to make sure they are not too unbalanced, and fit in with the rules. More detail on this can be found here:

    2. We allow some leniency with unrealistic markings. Not all characters have to have completely realistic pelts - characters with more distinct markings than those seen in the wild are allowed, for example.

    3. At any time, you are allowed to have one free character. Additional characters may be purchased using Credits.

    4. If you have a character that is a pack-leader, you should have another character that is not a part of the pack.

    5. Characters may have non-wolf/coyote companions, but these must be purchased from the Credit Shop.

    6. Characters may be grey wolves, red wolves, coyotes, coywolves, wolfdogs or coydogs. The dog-part obviously cannot be a modern breed.

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