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    Biography Template & Information - How to get your character accepted


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    Biography Template & Information - How to get your character accepted Empty Biography Template & Information - How to get your character accepted

    Post by Sambhur on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:20 pm

    Your character must be reviewed and accepted by a staff member before you are able to use it in roleplay. To get your character accepted, you must fill out and post the biography template in this forum. It will be reviewed, and if it is not yet acceptable, a staff member will tell you what changes must be made. One your biography is accepted, it will be moved to the subforum "Living Characters".

    Make sure to read the character rules:

    1. Template
    When posting your biography, your topic title should show some important basic information of your character. For example:
    [Character Name] | Loner
    [Character Name] - [Pack they are a member of]

    While not mandatory, this is helpful to have.

    What is mandatory, however, is that you fill out this biography template:

    Name: Not specifically required, unless there is no alias/nickname.
    Alias/Nickname: If your character goes by something other than their true name or are hiding behind a fake alias, it falls under this field. This is what your character will be called most often in the roleplay. (Multiple nicknames are allowed)
    Pack: If they are not part of a pack, put "None".
    Rank: If they do not belong to a pack, put "stray".

    Age: Required. Does not have to be exact.
    Gender: Required, at least in the biological sense of the word. Other gender identities may also be mentioned here, however.
    Species: Grey wolf, red wolf, coywolf, coyote, wolfdog or coydog? Must be one of these, and the dog-part obviously cannot be a modern breed.
    Physical Appearance: Required. An image is greatly preferred, but if you must write it out, make sure to include every necessary detail. Appearances do not have to be strictly 100% realistic, for the sake of individuality amongst the characters.

    Physical Strengths: Required. Must be balanced by weaknesses. More weaknesses than strengths are allowed, but if a character is stronger than it is weak, it will not be accepted.
    Physical Weaknesses: Required. Physical weaknesses only.
    Height/Weight: Required. As the characters are canines, the shoulder height is used.

    Personality: Absolutely required. Describe their overall behaviour, personality flaws/defects belong here, rather than in the 'weaknesses' section.
    Likes: Whatever they like or love, could be objects, activities, other characters, etc.
    Dislikes: Whatever they dislike or hate.

    History: Don't let this get too long, please. You're allowed to be vague and reveal things through the roleplay, however.
    Family: If applicable
    Other: Anything else you may want to add about your character. Extra information is not restricted to the "Other" field, you are free to add additional fields to this template if you wish.



    Physical Strengths:
    Physical Weaknesses:



    2. Strengths and Weaknesses
    If a character does not have a decent balance between their strengths and weaknesses, they will not be accepted. Weaknesses may outweigh strengths, but strengths must never outweigh weaknesses for the sake of realism and fairness. There is no set amount of strengths or weaknesses that a character must have, as long as they provide an acceptable balance based off their minor or major nature (specifically with weaknesses). Personality flaws and traits do not count as weaknesses, as they are meant to be purely physical, or at the very least something that would have an impact on your character's survival.

    Examples of weaknesses include:
    Fragile bones, poor balance, poor manoeuvrability, slow, physically weak, heard of hearing, deaf, blind, lack of depth perception, anaemic, weak spots, frequent fainting, headaches, or vomiting, a heart condition, epileptic, narcoleptic, injuries, easily dislocated bones, haemophilia, other blood conditions and their effects, extreme/abnormal body temperature, a limp, extremely low or high pain tolerance, frequent migraines, breathing difficulties, low stamina, hallucinations.

    Things that are NOT weaknesses include:
    Lack of swimming ability, a loss of a sense compensated for by another heightened sense, limitations on strengths, normal things which apply to every character, or weaknesses that can be easily disregarded, such as ones that only have an affect under very specific conditions.

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