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    Post by Sambhur on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:31 pm

    Here you will find the basic info of each of the packs that can be found in the Backwood Wilds area. This thread may only be posted on if changes are to be made to a pack (formation, disbanding, change of rules or territory, etc) and the first post needs to be updated by a staff member.

    Territory map is at the bottom of this post.

    - Your characters do not have to be in packs, and may be loners instead (which are not listed here).
    - A minimum of 3 canines is required to start a pack.
    - Packs do not have to have set territories, and may be nomadic.
    - Packs can become allies, battle, merge, split, and disband.

    To create a pack, make sure that your pack meets the requirements (minimum 3 canines) and then post on this thread with your pack's information. The pack's organiser ("leader") is the person who must make this post.


    The Organization
    Organised by: Sambhur

    A pack built on loyalty, the Organization does not tolerate canines who will not attempt to be the best pack member they can be. Alignak founded the pack, the first pack in the Backwood Wilds region, with the hopes of making his life, and the lives of his pack members, easier. While conflict within the pack is not tolerated, external affairs may involve a different approach being taken to solve them.

    Founded: 3 months prior to Winter Year 1

    Territory: North-western corner of the Backwood Wilds region, encompassing part of the thick forest area and part of the hills area.

    Pack Rules
    1. The Top Dog's word is law. When he is absent, the assistants are to be in charge of the pack as a council.
    2. Loyalty is highly valued - treacherous canines will be exiled.  
    3. Members must look after each other. This is what makes a pack stronger.
    4. If a friendship is formed with a lone canine, the loner must join the pack or cut ties with their friend who is in the pack. Another option is for the member to leave the pack to be with their friend.

    Top Dog: Alignak
    Assistants to the Top Dog: Aluta


    Territory map. Nomadic packs are not included, refer to their pack description for that information.

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