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    Ikaika | Stray | WIP  Empty Ikaika | Stray | WIP

    Post by Winter on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:40 pm

    Name: Ikaika
    Alias/Nickname: Cripple
    Pack: None
    Rank: Stray

    Age: 6 years
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gray wolf

    Physical Strengths: Strong bite.
    Physical Weaknesses: Chronic pain in his right foreleg due to a fight he got in several years ago with several wolves [which he obviously lost]. He never regained the full strength or use of his leg. This makes any strenuous activity difficult - running, swimming, jumping.
    Height/Weight: Average height, on the lighter side.

    Ikaika is a wolf that lives for sarcasm, cynicism and wit. He centres his opinions and views around logic and reason. This can make him sometimes appear as pessimistic and also inconsiderate of others at times. His sharp mind and biting wit means he's always waiting to make some sort of sarcastic or mocking comment. He is a wolf that depends on getting his point across. With his intellect he can be a valuable ally in constructing plans.
    Due to his injuries he relies heavily on conversing, this has resulted him into quickly mastering the art of persuasion and manipulation. He is wise and bold, but his cunning makes him dangerous, he knows exactly what buttons to push to annoy others.
    He finds comradery and respect in those who share similar favouritism towards logic and reason. He doesn't enjoy dilly-dallying on pleasantries and being a 'humble'.

    Likes: Logic.
    Dislikes: Small talk, pups, naivety

    Father: Kāʻeo
    Mother: Lani
    Siblings: Kai(Brother), Haʻaheo (Brother), Haunani(Sister), ʻAulani(Sister)

    Other: Look i reused a lot of really old things yay. Ill redo some of this later, move some words about then make it look pretty c:

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    Ikaika | Stray | WIP  Empty Re: Ikaika | Stray | WIP

    Post by Sambhur on Mon Dec 21, 2015 10:15 pm

    accepted! i'd love to see how this guy goes in RP

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